About Us

The experience and skilled legal team at The Marsalese Law Group is the law firm to turn to for a powerful ally. Turn to us for legal advice and assistance. We work closely with our diverse client base to provide strategic advise and counsel to clients in their business and personal endeavors. We take a results-driven approach to our clients’ matters and have aggressively and successfully represented them in a full range of expertise and experience.

The Marsalese Law Group takes a hands-on and pragmatic approach to representing our clients. We deliver exceptional personalized service and attention, the kind of legal advice that produces great results.


At The Marsalese Law Group, our mission is to help our clients reach their goals in an expeditious, cost-effective, and informed manner. Laser focused advocacy and zealous representation are the cornerstones to our approach to practicing law. We assist our clients with achieving their objectives by providing effective business and legal counseling.

We provide our clients with the personalized focus and attention to fully understand their needs and objectives. At The Marsalese Law Group, we are more than attorneys.  We are business advisers, coaches, and mentors. We are zealous advocates with a singular purpose to provide results for our clients. Paramount to our mission is the following core value: “Our commitment is to provide practical advice with a business focus and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

For information on how The Marsalese Law Group can provide professional, effective, and efficient legal advice, contact us anytime at 586-915-2184 or mm@marsalese.com.