“Perhaps you’re looking to hire a broker for the first time. Or maybe you think it’s time to change advisors. How do you pick a financial advisor whose conflicts don’t bring you to the gates of financial hell and back?

The following six methods of finding an advisor are guaranteed to help you begin a relationship that is damned from the start. Fortunately, we’ll also give you alternative ways to find an advisor who is right for you and your financial situation.”

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Source Credit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogergershman/2014/09/16/the-worst-6-ways-to-choose-an-investment-advisor/#2a775fae79f9

At The Marsalese Law Group, our mission is to help our clients reach their goals in an expeditious, cost-effective, and informed manner. Laser focused advocacy and zealous representation are the cornerstones to our approach to practicing law. We assist our clients with achieving their objectives by providing effective business and legal counseling.

We provide our clients with the personalized focus and attention to fully understand their needs and objectives. At The Marsalese Law Group, we are more than attorneys.  We are business advisers, coaches, and mentors. We are zealous advocates with a singular purpose to provide results for our clients. Paramount to our mission is the following core value: “Our commitment is to provide practical advice with a business focus and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

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